Fernando Prieto Ramos

List of John Benjamins publications for which Fernando Prieto Ramos plays a role.



Legal and institutional translation: Functions, processes, competences

Edited by Fernando Prieto Ramos

Special issue of Target 33:2 (2021) vi, 205 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies

Corpus-Based Research in Legal and Institutional Translation

Edited by Fernando Prieto Ramos

Special issue of Translation Spaces 8:1 (2019) v, 191 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Translation Studies


Building on the premises of the LETRINT project, this study shows the applicability of a corpus-based methodology to identify patterns of legal terminological decision-making and measure their quality according to translation adequacy requirements in international organizations. The comparative… read more | Chapter
The analysis of domain-specific terminology is essential for characterizing specialized discourses, and emerges as a useful means of measuring the thematic hybridity of law and legal translation in particular. This paper accordingly presents a large-scale mapping of terminological and… read more | Article
This paper presents the main findings of a study on the translation of national court names in United Nations texts as an illustrative group of culture-bound terms. It focuses on documents produced as part of several mandatory compliance monitoring procedures in the field of human rights. The study… read more | Article
Studies of institutional translation have traditionally focused on European Union (EU) institutions and legislative genres. In order to develop a more comprehensive characterization of translation at international organizations beyond EU supranational law, this study compares a full mapping of… read more | Article
Research in legal and institutional translation within the realm of Legal Translation Studies (LTS) has greatly benefited from embracing the advances of Corpus Linguistics in the past few decades. This paper provides an overview of corpus-based approaches in LTS and illustrates their increasing… read more | Article
Exploring questions of representativeness, balance and comparability is essential to tailoring corpus design and compilation to research goals, and to ensuring the validity of research results. This is especially true when the target population of texts under examination is very large and… read more | Article
The complex variables involved in mediating between asymmetrical legal realities explain, to a great extent, the limitations of traditional terminological resources (particularly, bilingual legal dictionaries) as working tools for legal translators. After a brief review of these limitations, a new… read more | Article