Elena Martínez Caro

List of John Benjamins publications for which Elena Martínez Caro plays a role.


Martínez Caro, Elena 2023 Chapter 13. English oh as a structural and modal marker: A contrastive analysis with SpanishDiscourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective, Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola (eds.), pp. 369–401 | Chapter
Among interjections, a class often neglected in grammars, English oh is one of the most highly frequent and multifunctional types, generally considered a discourse marker. The present contribution investigates this item, for a better understanding of its uses and meanings in interaction, and… read more
Martínez Caro, Elena and Jorge Arús-Hita 2020 Give as a light verbFunctions of Language 27:3, pp. 280–306 | Article
Light Verb Constructions (LVCs) have received widespread attention. Research on these constructions, however, has for the most part focused exclusively on their syntactic and lexical-semantic properties. Additionally, studies devoted to specific LVCs tend to neglect the phrasal-semantic and… read more
Downing, Angela and Elena Martínez Caro 2019 Chapter 4. Interjections and emotions: The case of goshEmotion in Discourse, Mackenzie, J. Lachlan and Laura Alba-Juez (eds.), pp. 87–112 | Chapter
Interjections in general can be considered linguistic expressions of emotions and attitudes, constituting complete and self-contained utterances. Though all languages are believed to have ‘emotive interjections’, the literature on interjections and emotions has proved to be sparse, while studies on… read more
Hannay, Mike, Elena Martínez Caro and J. Lachlan Mackenzie 2014 Besides as a connectiveThe Functional Perspective on Language and Discourse: Applications and implications, Gómez González, María de los Ángeles, Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez, Francisco Gonzálvez-García and Angela Downing (eds.), pp. 223–242 | Article
This chapter throws new light upon besides as a connective in contemporary English. Using examples extracted from corpora, we consider how to reconcile the notions of “tangentiality” and “decisiveness” found in existing descriptions of its function. After an assessment of the only previous… read more
Martínez Caro, Elena 2014 The expression of evaluation in weekly news magazines in EnglishEvaluation in Context, Thompson, Geoff † and Laura Alba-Juez (eds.), pp. 321–344 | Article
This chapter investigates the expression of evaluation in a corpus collected from weekly news magazines in English in an attempt to address two main research questions. I investigate, first, the linguistic patterns regularly associated with the expression of evaluation in this written register and,… read more
Hannay, Mike and Elena Martínez Caro 2008 Last things first: An FDG approach to clause-final focus constituents in Spanish and EnglishLanguages and Cultures in Contrast and Comparison, Gómez González, María de los Ángeles, J. Lachlan Mackenzie and Elsa M. González Álvarez (eds.), pp. 33–68 | Article
Within Functional Grammar it has been claimed that a small set of languages, including Polish and Dutch, may have a special clause-final position reserved for certain kinds of Focus constituents. But it has also been suggested that there is insufficient evidence to establish whether this is… read more
Martínez Caro, Elena 1998 Parallel Focus in English and Spanish: evidence from conversationFunctional Grammar and Verbal Interaction, Hannay, Mike and A. Machtelt Bolkestein (eds.), pp. 215 ff. | Article