Debra M. Hardison

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Thirty-seven second language (L2) learners of Japanese (21 L1 English, 16 L1 Chinese) participated in an eight-week study abroad (SA) program to Japan. Pre- and post-SA oral proficiency interviews were used for ACTFL-level assessments and ratings of component skills (pronunciation, fluency,… read more
Perceivers’ attention is entrained to the rhythm of a speaker’s gestural and acoustic beats. When different rhythms (polyrhythms) occur across the visual and auditory modalities of speech simultaneously, attention may be heightened, enhancing memorability of the sequence. In this three-stage… read more
O’Brien, Mary Grantham, Tracey M. Derwing, Catia Cucchiarini, Debra M. Hardison, Hansjörg Mixdorff, Ron I. Thomson, Helmer Strik, John M. Levis, Murray J. Munro, Jennifer A. Foote and Greta Muller Levis 2018 Directions for the future of technology in pronunciation research and teachingJournal of Second Language Pronunciation 4:2, pp. 182–207 | Article
This paper reports on the role of technology in state-of-the-art pronunciation research and instruction, and makes concrete suggestions for future developments. The point of departure for this contribution is that the goal of second language (L2) pronunciation research and teaching should be… read more
Chun, Dorothy M., Debra M. Hardison and Martha C. Pennington 2008 12. Technologies for prosody in context: Past and future of L2 research and practicePhonology and Second Language Acquisition, Hansen Edwards, Jette G. and Mary L. Zampini (eds.), pp. 323–346 | Article