Bruno Estigarribia

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Language in Interaction: Studies in honor of Eve V. Clark

Edited by Inbal Arnon, Marisa Casillas, Chigusa Kurumada and Bruno Estigarribia

[Trends in Language Acquisition Research, 12] 2014. xi, 358 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Estigarribia, Bruno and Zachary Wilkins 2018 Analyzing the structure of code-switched written texts: The case of Guarani-Spanish Jopara in the novel Ramona Quebranto Romance Parsed Corpora, Tortora, Christina, Beatrice Santorini and Frances Blanchette (eds.), pp. 120–143
As more written language data become available, the interest in written language mixing / codeswitching (LM/CS) is increasing (Sebba, Mahootian & Jonsson 2012; Sebba 2013). LM/CS in non-naturalistic (e.g., literary) texts raises issues related to gauging (1) the authenticity and representativity of… read more | Article
We developed an automated algorithm to retrieve direct object clitic doubling (DOCLD) examples in Spanish data from texts and the web. We focused on the Rioplatense dialect, where this kind of doubling is rather common. Given an electronic text, our procedure has two steps: first, tagging the text… read more | Chapter
Clark, Eve V. and Bruno Estigarribia 2011 Using speech and gesture to introduce new objects to young childrenGesture 11:1, pp. 1–23
Adults rely on both speech and gesture to provide children with information pertinent to new word meanings. Parents were videotaped introducing new objects to their children (aged 1;6 and 3;0). They introduce these objects in three phases: (1) they establish joint attention on an object; (2) they… read more | Article