Melani Wratil

List of John Benjamins publications for which Melani Wratil plays a role.


This paper provides a comparative description and diachronic analysis of the syntactically conditioned 1st person plural subject agreement allomorphies that can be observed in the Bavarian varieties Carinthian and Kansas Bukovina Bohemian. It is shown that these occurrences of double agreement have… read more | Article
Wratil, Melani. 2013. Double agreement in the Alpine languages: An intermediate stage in the development of inflectional morphemes. Synchrony and Diachrony: A dynamic interface, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Caterina Mauri and Piera Molinelli (eds.), pp. 201–236
This paper provides a description and diachronic analysis of various double agreement effects on the basis of Bavarian, Alemannic and Ladin data. It is shown that such occurrences of agreement allomorphy in verbal inflection indicate an intermediate stage in the grammaticalization of subject… read more | Article