Haitao Liu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Haitao Liu plays a role.



Language policy, which is directly concerned with organizational operation, functions, and objectives, has become an increasingly important issue in international organizations (IOs). However, research on IOs’ language policies, especially exploration based on large-scale data, is rather limited. read more
Poiret, Rafaël, Simon Mille and Haitao Liu 2021 Paraphrase and parallel treebank for the comparison of French and Chinese syntaxLanguages in Contrast 21:2, pp. 298–322 | Article
This paper proposes to study the contrastive syntax of French and Chinese through the lens of syntactic mismatches, and by making use of parallel treebanks. A syntactic mismatch is the non-similarity between the syntactic structures of one linguistic unit and its translation. Syntactic… read more
This paper explores how Esperanto (Esperantists) plays an important role in Chinese language reform during 1911–1958. It divides the period into three stages and describes Esperantists’ activities from three perspectives accordingly: roles, goals/results and motives. The paper reveals… read more
Pan, Xiaxing, Huiyuan Jin and Haitao Liu 2015 Motives for Chinese script simplificationLanguage Problems and Language Planning 39:1, pp. 1–32 | Article
The Chinese script simplification movement originated from the debates about Chinese script (hànzì) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This movement was once the dominant part of language planning and language policy in China. The article describes the three major stages of Chinese script… read more
As one of the most authoritative journals in the field of language planning, Language Problems and Language Planning has a long history. In this paper, we describe the development and changes that the journal has experienced in different periods, the characteristics that have remained constant,… read more
The formation of a language community in a planned language is one of the most important steps in its development. Esperanto is the only fully functional language with relative success among more than one thousand planned language projects. Model texts have played a very significant role in the… read more
SUMMARY A comparison of two major German-language monographs on interlinguistics sheds light on the common basis of the discipline and on its two major theoretical orientations, the sociological and the linguistic. Although interlinguistics properly includes the scientific study and systematic… read more
Liu, Haitao 1998 Interlinguistics in ChinaLanguage Problems and Language Planning 22:1, pp. 76–87 | Miscellaneous
Interlingvistiko en Ĉinio La aŭtoro skizas la historion de interlingvistiko en Ĉinio kaj resumas la enhavon de kelkaj lastatempaj publikaĵoj. La artikolo priskribas la evoluon ekde fruaj lingvopolitikaj diskutoj tra la kreskanta agnosko de Esperanto kiel scienca esplorindaĵo ĝis la aplikado de… read more