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The Chinese Passive Construction with Retained Object (CPCRO) has aroused extensive attention from scholars especially advocators of Generative Grammar due to its syntactic idiosyncrasy. Previous researches primarily concerned with such syntactic idiosyncrasy concentrate on issues of its syntactic… read more | Article
The metaphor time is space (Lakoff & Johnson 1999) and the pervasiveness of metaphor and image-schematic structure in human conceptualization (Johnson 1987; Hampe 2005) have been widely accepted among cognitive scientists as constructs that help explain non-spatial and temporal linguistic… read more | Article
This study investigates the abundant metaphorical meanings of the term loong (‘dragon’) in Chinese idioms and the cognitive and cultural factors that influence those meanings from the perspective of Cultural Linguistics. To this end, we present a systematic categorisation of the idiomatic… read more | Article
Yang, Kun, Jinqiu Guo and Xu Wen 2021 Eating we live byCognitive Linguistic Studies 8:1, pp. 204–233
eating plays a pivotal role in Chinese culture as echoed in the saying mín yǐ shí wéi tiān “Eating is everything for people”. In Chinese, a multitude of expressions related to eating are metaphorically used to talk about aspects of living and we call them “eating metaphors”. eating metaphors… read more | Article
Onchoke, Aunga Solomon and Xu Wen 2017 Leader metaphors in Ekegusii languageCognitive Linguistic Studies 4:2, pp. 194–215
This is a cognitive linguistic study of a cultural-specific metaphor of a leader in Ekegusii, an African Bantu language in Kenya. A descriptive research design was used whereby the natives were asked to identify and explain the Ekegusii leader metaphorical terms and phrases, describe the social… read more | Article
Wen, Xu, Kun Yang and Fangtao Kuang 2014 Cognitive Linguistics: Retrospect and prospectCognitive Linguistic Studies 1:2, pp. 155–170
As a new paradigm of linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics has made great achievements over the past 30 years or so. In order to make the latest trends of Cognitive Linguistic research known, this paper presents the outstanding achievements and prominent characteristics of Cognitive Linguistics in… read more | Article