Ling Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ling Zhang plays a role.


Zhang, Ling 2022 Syllable isochrony and the prosodic features of stop syllables in CantoneseThe Syllable and its Prosody in Chinese, Wee, Lian-Hee, Feng Wang and Yuan Liang (eds.), pp. 20–46 | Article
Cantonese is a syllable-timed language: that is, the syllable is the isochronous unit of speech. However, in Cantonese, there is a type of closed syllable with the stop codas [-p], [-t], or [-k] (i.e. syllables with the so called “entering-tones”) which sound much shorter than other syllables. On… read more
Zhang, Ling and Shi Liu 2020 Acoustic analysis of Chinese tone production by Thai-speaking learners of L2 ChineseAcquisition of Chinese: Bilingualism and Multilingualism, Yuan, Boping and Yanyu Guo (eds.), pp. 180–204 | Article
This article reports on an empirical study of Chinese tone production in various contexts by Thai-speaking learners of L2 Chinese. Comparisons are made between Thai students and Chinese native speakers. The acoustic data are analyzed in terms of pitch register, pitch contour and duration, which… read more
Different speech styles come with different tunes. This paper reports the first empirical study of the tunes of different speech styles; namely, opera speaking versus opera singing, opera speaking versus normal speaking, and normal speaking versus normal singing. In all these speech styles,… read more