Anders Ahlqvist

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Subjects History of linguistics


Ahlqvist, Anders 2016 The verbal paradigms in Auraicept na nÉcesGrammatica, Gramadach and Gramadeg: Vernacular grammar and grammarians in medieval Ireland and Wales, Hayden, Deborah and Paul Russell (eds.), pp. 101–112 | Article
The early medieval Irish text on language, known as Auraicept na nÉces “The Scholars’ Primer”, contains much that is of interest to historians of linguistics, including extensive nominal paradigms. Its rather fewer verbal ones have been less thoroughly studied. The purpose of this paper is to look… read more
Ahlqvist, Anders 2005 Forms of address in Irish and SwedishBroadening the Horizon of Linguistic Politeness, Lakoff, Robin T. and Sachiko Ide (eds.), pp. 235–244 | Article
Ahlqvist, Anders 2000 Preterite and Perfect in Modern EnglishHistory and Perspectives of Language Study: Papers in honor of Ranko Bugarski, Mišeska Tomić, Olga and Milorad Radovanović (eds.), pp. 171 ff. | Article
Ahlqvist, Anders 1993 1. The old Irish imperfect indicativeComparative-Historical Linguistics: Indo-European and Finno-Ugric, Brogyanyi, Bela and Reiner Lipp (eds.), pp. 281 ff. | Article
Ahlqvist, Anders 1992 ForewordDiversions of Galway: Papers on the history of linguistics from ICHoLS V, Ahlqvist, Anders (ed.), pp. ix ff. | Miscellaneous
Ahlqvist, Anders 1989 Old Irish leth- and Finnish -puoliNOWELE Volume 13 (April 1989), pp. 107–110 | Article
Ahlqvist, Anders 1980 On word order in irishPapers from the Fourth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Stanford, March 26–30 1979, Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, Rebecca Labrum and Susan C. Shepherd (eds.), pp. 107–113 | Article