Laura Mori

List of John Benjamins publications for which Laura Mori plays a role.


Subjects Comparative linguistics | Corpus linguistics | Forensic & legal linguistics | Language policy | Translation Studies


Scientific literature has tackled Maltese English (MaltE) mainly in the framework of World Englishes in order to focus on its features compared to other varieties of English around the world. In this paper we shed more light on MaltE by proposing a sociolinguistic perspective, oriented towards its… read more
Based on the description of EU legislative varieties covering EU directives and their national laws of implementation in 11 languages, we are interested in the extent to which Eurolects are similar to each other, above and beyond trivial genealogical similarities. We thus utilise a… read more
This chapter presents the research framework of the Eurolect Observatory Project. The starting hypothesis of this research project is that language contact through translation of EU legislation has resulted in the creation and dissemination of standardised lexical variants, structural features and… read more
This chapter focuses on linguistic differences in Italian between two legislative corpora belonging to the Eurolect Observatory Multilingual Corpus: corpus A (EU directives) and their Italian laws of implementation (corpus B). In order to prove that two different legislative varieties do exist,… read more
The volume addresses the existence of an EU legislative variety across countries and languages: the so-called Eurolect (Chapter 1). Each chapter tackles this research hypothesis by focusing on one of the 11 cases covered by the first phase of the Eurolect Observatory Project: Dutch, English,… read more