Johan Matter

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In this article it is assumed that in speech communication not only the pronunciation by the speaker and the sensitivity and the discrimination facility of the ears of the listener are important factors, but equally the speed of processing. A previous study showed that Dutch students studying… read more
Matter, Johan 1986 Van De Regel In De DrupToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 26, pp. 131–136 | Article
This article deals with some fundamental aspects of understanding spoken language in general and spoken French by non-native speakers of French in particular. The problem is discussed within a theoretical framework based on Marslen-Wilson's cohort theory, Morton's Information Processing theory, and… read more
In the Netherlands, one of the ways of getting a teaching qualification is via a variety of evening courses, named LO, MO-A and -B, which were meant originally for career-minded primary-school teachers· This part-time curriculum takes the student at least 3+2+4=9 years, and will bring him a third,… read more