Tania Ionin

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This paper examines whether adult learners of English whose native languages (Korean and Mandarin Chinese) lack articles are influenced by transfer from demonstratives and numerals in their acquisition of English articles. To this end, the results of two studies are reported. The first study… read more | Article
This study investigates how L1-Korean L2-English learners perform with regard to articles in both explicit and implicit tasks. It also examines the role of L1-transfer from Korean demonstratives to English definites in L2 article production. 21 native English speakers and 27 adult intermediate… read more | Article
Wu, Mien-Jen and Tania Ionin. 2022. L1-Mandarin L2-English learners’ acquisition of English double-quantifier scope. Generative SLA in the Age of Minimalism: Features, interfaces, and beyond, Leal, Tania, Elena Shimanskaya and Casilde A. Isabelli (eds.), pp. 93–114
English double-quantifier configurations such as A dog scared every man are ambiguous between a surface-scope reading (there exists one specific dog which scared every man) and an inverse-scope reading (each man was scared by a possibly different dog), while the Mandarin equivalent only has the… read more | Chapter
Ionin, Tania and Hélade Scutti Santos. 2021. Sources of knowledge in L3 acquisition. Epistemological issue: Sources of knowledge in L3 acquisition, Flores, Cristina and Neal Snape (eds.), pp. 65–69
This commentary on Schwartz and Sprouse (2021) focuses on three aspects of their proposal for L3-acquisition: the need to test the role of UG in L3-acquisition; the question of what exactly transfers in the case of transfer from the L2 Interlanguage to the L3; and the distinction between transfer… read more | Commentary
This paper reports on an experimental investigation of what second language (L2) learners and heritage speakers of Russian know about the relationship between word order and information structure in Russian. The participants completed a bimodal acceptability judgment task, rating the… read more | Article
This study investigates whether L2-learners from generalized classifier (GC) languages (Korean and Chinese) can acquire the count/mass distinction of English, in the domain of singular NP interpretation. We hypothesize that L1-Korean/Chinese L2-English learners transfer the properties of NP… read more | Chapter
Ionin, Tania, Elaine Grolla, Hélade Scutti Santos and Silvina Montrul. 2015. Interpretation of NPs in generic and existential contexts in L3 Brazilian Portuguese. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 5:2, pp. 215–251
This paper examines the interpretation of NPs in generic and existential contexts in the acquisition of Brazilian Portuguese (BrP) as a third language (L3) by learners who speak English and a Romance language (Spanish, French or Italian). The paper examines whether transfer / cross-linguistic… read more | Article
Ionin, Tania. 2014. Epistemic and scopal properties of some indefinites. Weak Referentiality, Aguilar-Guevara, Ana, Bert Le Bruyn and Joost Zwarts (eds.), pp. 45–72
This paper experimentally examines the behavior of English some indefinites, addressing the following research questions. (i) How do singular some indefinites behave with respect to scopal (non-)specificity? (ii) How do singular some indefinites pattern with respect to epistemic… read more | Article
Ionin, Tania and Silvina Montrul. 2009. Article use and generic reference: Parallels between L1- and L2-acquisition. Second Language Acquisition of Articles: Empirical findings and theoretical implications, García Mayo, María del Pilar and Roger Hawkins (eds.), pp. 147–173
Ionin, Tania. 2008. Progressive aspect in child L2 English. Current Trends in Child Second Language Acquisition: A generative perspective, Haznedar, Belma and Elena Gavruseva (eds.), pp. 17–53
This paper investigates the use of -ing forms and bare verb forms in progressive contexts in cross-sectional data of L1-Russian L2-English children. It is proposed that child L2-learners are guided by the Uniqueness Principle (cf. Wexler & Culicover 1980; Pinker 1989; Clark 1987; among others),… read more | Article
Ionin, Tania. 2006. A Comparison of article semantics in L2 acquisition and Creole languages. L2 Acquisition and Creole Genesis: Dialogues, Lefebvre, Claire, Lydia White and Christine Jourdan (eds.), pp. 253–273