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Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics


Descriptions of Australian Aboriginal English list the neutralisation of the Standard English contrast between so-called voiced and voiceless stops as one characteristic feature. This paper reports on the results of an acoustic analysis of data collected in a production task by monolingual speakers… read more | Article
Smirnova, Elena, Robert Mailhammer and Susanne Flach 2019 The role of atypical constellations in the grammaticalization of German and English passivesDiachronica 36:3, pp. 384–416
In this paper we propose an alternative scenario for the grammaticalization of passive constructions in German and English. According to the received view, the development starts with the frequent combinations of copula verbs with past participles, which then increasingly gain in frequency during… read more | Article
Harvey, Mark and Robert Mailhammer 2017 Reconstructing remote relationships: Proto-Australian noun class prefixationDiachronica 34:4, pp. 470–515
Evaluation of hypotheses on genetic relationships depends on two factors: database size and criteria on correspondence quality. For hypotheses on remote relationships, databases are often small. Therefore, detailed consideration of criteria on correspondence quality is important. Hypotheses on… read more | Article
Koch, Harold, Robert Mailhammer, Robert Blust, Claire Bowern, Don Daniels, Alexandre François, Simon J. Greenhill, Brian D. Joseph, Lawrence A. Reid, Malcolm D. Ross and Paul J. Sidwell 2014 Research priorities in historical-comparative linguistics: A view from Asia, Australia and the PacificDiachronica 31:2, pp. 267–278
Mailhammer, Robert and Elena Smirnova 2013 Incipient Grammaticalisation: Sources of passive constructions in Old High German and Old EnglishComparative Studies in Early Germanic Languages: With a focus on verbal categories, Diewald, Gabriele, Leena Kahlas-Tarkka and Ilse Wischer (eds.), pp. 41–70
In this paper we deal with Old English and Old High German copula constructions combining verbs denoting ‘be’ and ‘become’ with past participles, which are traditionally analysed as periphrastic passive constructions. We propose that these constructions cannot be seen as grammaticalised passives… read more | Article