Ekaterina Lukianova

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This article is guided by the question: What are the argumentative functions of personal stories in public deliberations? Drawing on the analytical traditions of argumentation theory and discourse analysis, we analyzed three public forums on mental illness, where personal stories were used in a… read more
Lukianova, Ekaterina, Igor Tolochin, Genevieve Fuji Johnson and Katherine R. Knobloch 2019 Varieties and effects of emotional content in public deliberation: A comparative analysis of advocate arguments at a citizens’ initiative reviewJournal of Language and Politics 18:3, pp. 441–462 | Article
The Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) is a deliberative process that has been used in the United States to involve panels of citizens in producing balanced and easily understandable accounts of proposed ballot measures and their potential effects. The goal of this paper is to demonstrate how the… read more