Heng SU

List of John Benjamins publications for which Heng SU plays a role.


SU, Heng, Peyman G. P. Sabet and Grace Zhang 2023 Historical imprints on Chinese ideological given namesPragmatics and Society: Online-First Articles | Article
This diachronic study investigates Chinese ideological given names (personal names which represent the name-givers’ shared ideas and beliefs) by focusing on historical changes over five time periods between 1935 and 2012. Based on an analysis of 21,687 given names, 2,687 (12.4%) of which are… read more
Kirkpatrick, Andy and Heng SU 2012 Mǎi dan or mái dan? ‘I come to buy the bill not to bury it’Chinese Language and Discourse 3:2, pp. 227–246 | Article
The term maidan has become a common way of asking for the bill in Putonghua. In this paper we investigate whether this is the transfer of a Cantonese expression which has been re-interpreted as a Putonghua expression, and thus an example of language change being caused by a mistake or mishearing.… read more