Jonathan White

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jonathan White plays a role.


Thode Hougaard, Tina, Eva Skafte Jensen, Marianne Rathje, Jonathan White and Camilla Wide 2023 Chapter 3. Variations in opening and closing forms in email correspondence in Danish and SwedishIt's different with you: Contrastive perspectives on address research, Baumgarten, Nicole and Roel Vismans (eds.), pp. 61–91
In this study, we investigate how differences and similarities in opening and closing greetings in professional emails in academia manifest themselves in Danish and Swedish. Our data consist of a corpus of 595 emails (primary data) and two surveys with 1836 respondents (supportive data). An… read more | Chapter
White, Jonathan 2022 Reduction in and out of contextPragmatics and Society 13:4, pp. 555–584
This article investigates reduced language in academic textchat. Previous work has suggested that frequency and context play a role in whether items can be reduced. It is demonstrated that students reduce more depending on the pedagogical set-up of the course, in that more reduction took place… read more | Article
The process of standardising reduced forms in English, such as clippings and informal forms, used in academic chat discourse is the focus of this article. Textchat data from an introductory MA linguistics course run by a university in Sweden involving non-native English-speaking students and their… read more | Article