Ming Zhao

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Swearing is a verbal act in which the main language structure is composed of multiple swear words. The reasons for studying swearing include the need to know what lexical items might be used for swearing. For this reason, it is critical to determine the pragmatic principles and cultural beliefs… read more
明、清与民国汉语中的“亚细亚”、“亚细亚洲”与“亚洲”一直处于竞争之中。本文运用计量方法穷尽性分析上述时期内“亚细亚”、“亚细亚洲”与“亚洲”的竞争情况,并以详实的数据进一步揭示“亚洲”一词的造词过程,以期澄清汉语双音化研究中的两个关键问题:途径与成因。 read more