Lauri Haapanen

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Linguistic Recycling: The process of quoting in increasingly mediatized settings

Edited by Lauri Haapanen and Daniel Perrin

[AILA Review, 33] 2020. iv, 225 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics


This paper shows that journalists are gradually taking greater advantage of social media and the interactional affordances it offers. This means, firstly, that journalists can benefit from social media not only by monitoring conversations, but also by participating in and initiating them. Secondly,… read more | Chapter
The amount of available digital data is increasing at a tremendous rate. These data, however, are of limited use unless converted into a user-friendly form. We took on this task and built a natural language generation (NLG) driven system that generates journalistic news stories about elections… read more | Article
This chapter focuses on translingual quoting (TQ), i.e. the sub-process of news-writing by which utterances from sources are both quoted and translated. Analyses of journalists’ mental and material activities suggest conceptualizing TQ as a complex and dynamic activity in which journalists’… read more | Chapter