Mihaela Marchis Moreno

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mihaela Marchis Moreno plays a role.


Marchis Moreno, Mihaela and Carolina Petersen 2016 In defense of defective intervention: Locality effects in RomanceRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 10: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 28, Lisbon, Carrilho, Ernestina, Alexandra Fiéis, Maria Lobo and Sandra Pereira (eds.), pp. 171–190
Bruening (2014) has recently challenged the status of defective intervention as a real syntactic phenomenon, arguing that it is actually the effect of linear order. Our first goal is to show that Bruening’s (2014) potential counterexamples to the existence of syntactic defective intervention are… read more | Article
This paper continues the long-standing discussion whether clitics in clitic doubling constructions should be regarded as being similar to affixes expressing subject–verb agreement or rather as reflexes of movement. A crosslinguistic comparison of clitics will show that although clitics come in… read more | Article