Michael McCarthy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michael McCarthy plays a role.


McCarthy, Michael, Tony McEnery, Geraldine Mark and Pascual Pérez-Paredes. 2021. Chapter 3. Looking back on 25 years of TaLC: In conversation with Profs Mike McCarthy and Tony McEnery. Beyond Concordance Lines: Corpora in language education, Pérez-Paredes, Pascual and Geraldine Mark (eds.), pp. 57–74
This chapter is the result of a conversation between Professors Tony McEnery and Michael McCarthy, two of the greatest names in the fields of corpus linguistics and the corpus-based analysis and teaching of the English language. They share their views and experiences of the areas discussed in this… read more | Chapter
Buttery, Paula, Michael McCarthy and Ronald Carter. 2015. Chapter 8. Chatting in the academy: Informality in spoken academic discourse. Corpora, Grammar and Discourse: In honour of Susan Hunston, Groom, Nicholas, Maggie Charles and Suganthi John (eds.), pp. 183–210
In this chapter we explore a recently acknowledged phenomenon: the way in which formal discourse is increasingly now inflected with forms more commonly associated with informal discourse. The phenomenon has been referred to as conversationalisation or informalisation and has been discussed in… read more | Article
McCarthy, Michael. 2015. “’Tis mad, yeah”: Turn openers in Irish and British English. Pragmatic Markers in Irish English, Amador-Moreno, Carolina P., Kevin McCafferty and Elaine Vaughan (eds.), pp. 156–175
The study of pragmatic markers has stressed their function of relating segments of discourse one to the other, including the functions of response to previous talk and the marking of stance. This chapter investigates the turn-opening slot as an important locus for pragmatic marking. Tao’s (2003)… read more | Article
McCarthy, Michael. 2015. Foreword. Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics: Studies in Honor of Doug Biber, Cortes, Viviana and Eniko Csomay (eds.), pp. ix–xiv
The use of vague language is one of themost common features of everyday spoken English. Speakers regularly use vague expressions to project shared knowledge (e.g., pens, books, and that sort of thing) as well as to make approximations (e.g. around sevenish; he’s sort of tall). Research shows that… read more | Article
McCarthy, Michael and Michael Handford. 2004. "Invisible to us": A preliminary corpus-based study of spoken business English. Discourse in the Professions: Perspectives from corpus linguistics, Connor, Ulla and Thomas A. Upton (eds.), pp. 167–201
Spöttl, Carol and Michael McCarthy. 2004. Comparing knowledge of formulaic sequences across L1, L2, L3, and L4. Formulaic Sequences: Acquisition, processing and use, Schmitt, Norbert (ed.), pp. 191–225
This paper sets out to address the problem of just what, from the vast amount of research now available into the spoken language, can and ought to form part of the oral component of a second or foreign language course. Exemplification is principally based on spoken English from the British Isles,… read more | Article