Yang Zhou

List of John Benjamins publications for which Yang Zhou plays a role.


Zhou, Yang and Hiroyuki Suzuki 2022 Evidentiality in Selibu: A contact-induced emergenceDiachronica 39:2, pp. 268–309 | Article
Selibu is a Mandarin-Khams Tibetan mixed language with about 900 native speakers in northwest Yunnan, People’s Republic of China. As a Form-Semantics mixed language, it derives most of its lexicon and grammatical morphemes from Southwest Mandarin and borrows its morphosyntactic and semantic… read more
Sin1 先 as a function word in contemporary Cantonese encodes a number of grammatical and pragmatic meanings. As its most prominent feature in syntax, it predominantly occurs in the postverbal position while indicating the meaning of ‘first’. This paper explores the emergence of the postverbal… read more