Sarah Schwarz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sarah Schwarz plays a role.


The aim of this chapter is to critically examine the accuracy of the advice on formal, written grammar offered in EFL teaching materials and other normative works. We use corpus data to investigate the use of four grammatical features often labelled as “informal” or “spoken” and find that the… read more
Schwarz, Sarah 2019 Signs of grammaticalization: Tracking the get-passive through COHADevelopments in English Historical Morpho-Syntax, Claridge, Claudia and Birte Bös (eds.), pp. 199–222 | Chapter
In this study, I examine a large number of get-passives from different genres and time periods in the Corpus of Historical American English for signs of grammaticalization by looking for evidence of semantic bleaching and morphosyntactic generalization. A comparable set of be-passives is included… read more
This large-scale corpus study explores new parameters which might indicate grammaticalization of the get-passive in recent American English, where the construction has increased in frequency. To this end, large samples of both be- and get-passives from the TIME Magazine Corpus were analyzed with… read more