P. van der Tuin

List of John Benjamins publications for which P. van der Tuin plays a role.


van der Tuin, P., M. van Es en A.J. van Essen 1990 Kognmeve Stijl en OnderwijsdifferentiatieLeerderskenmerken: Individuele verschillen in het leren van talen., pp. 35–44 | Article
This article reports research into the relationschips between four aspects of cognitve style [field(in)dependency, habit-formation, sensitivity to interference, and creativity], and achievement with regard to grammatical competence and oral communicative competence in English. The present… read more
On the basis of a statistical analysis of the scores of 50 Dutch highschool students on a purpose-made test of English grammar, this article tries to establish a relationship between types of grammatical rules and grammatical subsystems on the one hand and achievement in English grammar on the… read more