Anna Kibort

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Passive Constructions in Lithuanian: Selected works of Emma Geniušienė

Edited by Anna Kibort and Nijolė Maskaliūnienė

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 179] 2016. xx, 313 pp.
Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Kibort, Anna 2011 The feature of tense at the interface of morphology and semanticsMorphology and its Interfaces, Galani, Alexandra, Glyn Hicks and George Tsoulas (eds.), pp. 171–194
In this paper I discuss the properties of tense as a grammatical feature, understood as a set of values and the methods of their realization on linguistic elements. I outline the criteria for recognizing various featural dependencies: agreement, government, and different types of… read more | Article
Kibort, Anna 2011 The elephant in the room: The impersonal -ne/-te construction in PolishImpersonal Constructions: A cross-linguistic perspective, Malchukov, Andrej L. and Anna Siewierska (eds.), pp. 357–394
This chapter offers an overview of the little studied Polish impersonal construction which is made up of an auxiliary or copular verb in 3sg.n and a passive or resultative -n-/-t- participle bearing the singular neuter inflection -e. I describe the morphological form and syntactic behaviour of this… read more | Article