Diane Nelson

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Saami Linguistics

Edited by Ida Toivonen and Diane Nelson

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 288] 2007. viii, 321 pp.
Subjects Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Uralic languages


Nelson, Diane and Virve-Anneli Vihman 2018 Bringing the toys to life: Animacy, reference, and anthropomorphism in Toy Story From Culture to Language and Back: The Animacy Hierarchy in language and discourse, Gardelle, Laure and Sandrine Sorlin (eds.), pp. 203–223
In the children’s film Toy Story, toys spring to life when their human owners are away, creating an alternative world of transferred animacy relations signalled by visual and linguistic cues. The storylines and characters explore the nature of animacy and relationships between conspecifics and… read more | Article
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