Helen E. Marriott

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen E. Marriott plays a role.


Marriott, Helen E. and Sanae Enomoto 1995 Secondary exchanges with Japan: Exploring students’ experiences and gainsThe Hard Work–Entertainment Continuum: Teaching Asian languages in Australia, Kirkpatrick, Andy, Yong Zhong and Helen Kirkpatrick (eds.), pp. 64–82 | Article
This paper outlines the principal features which characterise secondary level student exchange programs with Japan, especially those relating to the home and school settings. Some of the main outcomes and gains from student exchanges, specifically, socio-psychological gains, cultural enrichment… read more
Marriott, Helen E. 1991 Language planning and language management for tourism shopping situationsLanguage Planning and Language Policy in Australia, Liddicoat, Anthony J. (ed.), pp. 191–222 | Article
This paper analyzes problems in language management in six case studies of tourism shopping situations involving Japanese tourists. It utilizes a language planning and language management framework and argues that language planning can only proceed after actual problems in discourse are identified. read more
The paper presents an analysis of a video tape-recorded negotiation and follow-up interviews with the Australian and Japanese business personnel in the negotiation. The findings indicate that in such intercultural situations interactants apply a variety of disparate communicative and sociocultural… read more