Robert W. Mitchell

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Canid and human barks and growls were examined in videotapes of 24 humans (Homo sapiens) and 24 dogs (Canis familiaris) playing with familiar and unfamiliar cross-species play partners. Barks and growls were exhibited by 9 humans and 9 dogs. Dogs barked and (less often) growled most frequently… read more
Mitchell, Robert W. 2008 Minds: Other and not-so-otherHuman and Robot Interactive Communication, Dautenhahn, Kerstin (ed.), pp. 377–396 | Review
This study examines the effects of sex and familiarity on Americans’ talk to dogs during play, using categories derived from research comparing mothers’ and fathers’ talk to infants. Eight men and fifteen women were videotaped whilst playing with their own dog and with another person’s dog, and… read more