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Writing Assessment in Higher Education

Edited by Bert Weltens, Jos Hornikx, Wander Lowie, Petra Poelmans and Rebecca L. Present-Thomas

Special issue of Dutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 2:1 (2013) ix, 132 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism


One of the linguistic consequences of globalization is the increase in the number of people communicating with each other in a language that is not their own. Studies have started to examine how non-nativeness affects people in their production and evaluation of discourse. This special interest… read more
In commercial messages, such as advertisements, foreign languages are sometimes displayed. Regardless of whether readers understand the foreign language utterance, researchers have claimed that such foreign language display evokes curiosity to read the ad, and improves ad and product evaluation.… read more
Hornikx, Jos 2013 The SAGE Handbook of persuasionInformation Design Journal 20:2, pp. 187–189 | Review
Hornikx, Jos 2012 Chapter 18. The effects of hedges and pledges in advertisements for high and low reputation brandsExploring Argumentative Contexts, Eemeren, Frans H. van and Bart Garssen (eds.), pp. 305–320 | Article
Claims in advertising may vary in their use of probability markers that signal the degree to which the claim is true. Experimental research has compared hedges (which mark a claim as moderately probable) and pledges (which mark a claim as very probable). This research has generally neglected the… read more
Numerous studies have investigated the persuasive effects of different evidence types as support for claims in persuasive messages, but little attention has been paid to the preference that people have for these evidence types. In Hornikx (2003), expert evidence, which relies on the expert's… read more
Hornikx, Jos, Frank van Meurs en Marianne Starren 2005 Welke Associaties Roepen Vreemde Talen in Reclame op?Meertaligheid zonder meer, pp. 71–80 | Article
In multilingual advertising, a foreign language is often used for symbolic purposes. Symbolic associations carried by the foreign language are assumed to transfer to the product advertised. Although a number of suggestions have been made as to the associations generated by foreign language use, it… read more
Hornikx, Jos, Marianne Starren en Bart van Heur 2004 Frans In Nederlandse Advertenties: Drager Van Symbolische En Letterlijke BetekenisToegepaste Taalwetenschap in Artikelen 71, pp. 61–68 | Article
Foreign languages can be employed in advertising to draw attention to the persuasive message. Such a foreign language may be effective because of the symbolic value that it represents, such as attractiveness or beauty. In that case, the comprehension of the foreign language is not important; it… read more
Hornikx, Jos 2003 Review of O’Keefe (2002):Document Design 4:3, pp. 284–287 | Review