Alessandra Barotto

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Discourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective

Edited by Alessandra Barotto and Simone Mattiola

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 227] 2023. vi, 439 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola 2023 Chapter 1. Discourse phenomena in typological perspective: An overviewDiscourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective, Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Chapter
This paper aims at investigating the semantics of nominal reduplication cross-linguistically. Nominal reduplication is treated as an iconic morphological device expressing functions that have something to do with plurality. Nevertheless, in the languages of the world, other types of functions… read more
Barotto, Alessandra and Maria Cristina Lo Baido 2021 Chapter 9. Exemplification in interaction: From reformulation to the creation of common groundBuilding Categories in Interaction: Linguistic resources at work, Mauri, Caterina, Ilaria Fiorentini and Eugenio Goria (eds.), pp. 239–270 | Chapter
The aim of this paper is to examine how exemplification is used in real-time interactions to make reference to conceptual categories. Based on real occurrences of spoken Italian, it is shown that in conversations exemplification is used cooperatively by different participants to perform several… read more