Deborah Chen Pichler

List of John Benjamins publications for which Deborah Chen Pichler plays a role.



Allard, Karin and Deborah Chen Pichler 2018 Multi-modal visually-oriented translanguaging among Deaf signersTranslanguaging – researchers and practitioners in dialogue, Adinolfi, Lina, Holly Link and Oliver St John (eds.), pp. 384–404 | Article
Translanguaging is often regarded with great skepticism in the context of Deaf education, as an approach that has already been tried, with disastrous results. Already in the 1960’s educators understood the critical importance of allowing deaf children to exploit their full linguistic repertoire… read more
A wide range of linguistic phenomena contribute to our understanding of the architecture of the human linguistic system. In this paper we present a proposal dubbed Language Synthesis to capture bilingual phenomena including code-switching and ‘transfer’ as automatic consequences of the addition… read more
Müller de Quadros, Ronice, Diane Lillo-Martin and Deborah Chen Pichler 2014 Methodological considerations for the development and use of sign language acquisition corporaSpoken Corpora and Linguistic Studies, Raso, Tommaso and Heliana Mello (eds.), pp. 84–102 | Article
This chapter discusses the building of sign language acquisition corpora. We have developed methodology to collect, transcribe and store data from different contexts of acquisition. The corpora include: deaf children from deaf parents, deaf children from hearing parents, hearing children from deaf… read more
Chen Pichler, Deborah, Julie A. Hochgesang, Diane Lillo-Martin and Ronice Müller de Quadros 2010 Conventions for sign and speech transcription of child bimodal bilingual corpora in ELANAcquiring Sign Language as a First Language / Acquisition d’une langue des signes comme langue première, Sallandre, Marie-Anne and Marion Blondel (eds.), pp. 11–40 | Article
This article extends current methodologies for the linguistic analysis of sign language acquisition to cases of bimodal bilingual acquisition. Using ELAN, we are transcribing longitudinal spontaneous production data from hearing children of Deaf parents who are learning either American Sign… read more
Chen Pichler, Deborah 2002 Word order variation and acquisition in American Sign LanguageSign Language & Linguistics 5:1, pp. 89–97 | Miscellaneous