Stefan Schnell

List of John Benjamins publications for which Stefan Schnell plays a role.


Schnell, Stefan, Geoffrey L.J. Haig, Nils Norman Schiborr and Maria Vollmer 2023 Chapter 9. Are referent introductions sensitive to forward planning in discourse? Evidence from Multi-CASTDiscourse Phenomena in Typological Perspective, Barotto, Alessandra and Simone Mattiola (eds.), pp. 231–268
It has been argued that speakers employ morphosyntactic structures such as presentationals and left-dislocations (Lambrecht 1994) to establish new entities in discourse due to considerations of referent accessibility vis-à-vis event processing (Du Bois 1987; Chafe 1987). We here investigate… read more | Chapter
Margetts, Anna, Katharina Haude, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Dagmar Jung, Sonja Riesberg, Stefan Schnell, Frank Seifart, Harriet Sheppard and Claudia Wegener 2022 Cross-linguistic patterns in the lexicalisation of bring and takeStudies in Language 46:4, pp. 934–993
This study investigates the linguistic expression of bring and take events and more generally of the semantic domain of directed caused accompanied motion (‘directed CAM’) across a sample of eight languages of the Pacific and the Americas. Unlike English, the majority of languages in our sample… read more | Article
Schnell, Stefan 2022 Caused accompanied motion constructions in Vera’aCaused Accompanied Motion: Bringing and taking events in a cross-linguistic perspective, Margetts, Anna, Sonja Riesberg and Birgit Hellwig (eds.), pp. 243–271
The expression of bring and take events (so-called ‘caused accompanied motion (CAM)’ events) in the Oceanic language Vera’a (North Vanuatu) is analysed in terms of lexical and constructional compositionality. The two lexical verbs centrally involved in CAM expressions have fairly general semantic… read more | Chapter
The number interpretation of Noun Phrase structures (NPs) with different animacy values and variable overt marking of number is investigated in a corpus from the Oceanic language Vera’a. It is found that number marking is optional for all nouns and that number marking is essentially semantic,… read more | Article