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Word Classes: Nature, typology and representations

Edited by Raffaele Simone and Francesca Masini

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 332] 2014. vii, 293 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Van Goethem, Kristel, Muriel Norde and Francesca Masini 2023 The fate of ‘pseudo-’ words: A contrastive corpus-based analysisLanguages in Contrast: Online-First Articles | Article
The present study examines the fate of the neoclassical combining form pseudo- in eight European languages, belonging to Germanic (Danish, Dutch, English, German and Swedish) and Romance (French, Italian, Spanish). In order to gain a better understanding of the synchronic morphological behaviour… read more
Masini, Francesca and Bracha Nir 2022 Editorial announcementConstructions and Frames 14:2, p.  | Editorial
Masini, Francesca and Simone Mattiola 2022 Wild words: The case of morphologically embedded general extendersExtravagant Morphology: Studies in rule-bending, pattern-extending and theory-challenging morphology, Eitelmann, Matthias and Dagmar Haumann (eds.), pp. 233–254 | Chapter
In this paper we analyse the formal and functional ‘extravagance’ of general extenders embedded within morphological schemas, either at the end of coordinate compounds, or as constituents of complex words, especially at the end of lists of complex words formed according to the same schema. After… read more
Goria, Eugenio and Francesca Masini 2021 Chapter 4. Category-building lists between grammar and interaction: A constructionist viewBuilding Categories in Interaction: Linguistic resources at work, Mauri, Caterina, Ilaria Fiorentini and Eugenio Goria (eds.), pp. 73–110 | Chapter
Lists are one of the most common devices that are used in interaction to refer to a category. Yet, there are only few studies that analyze the relationship between lists and categorization. Our paper aims at advancing our knowledge of this relationship, and of lists in general. From a theoretical… read more
Melloni, Chiara and Francesca Masini 2017 Cognate constructions in Italian and beyond: A lexical semantic approachContrastive Studies in Verbal Valency, Hellan, Lars, Andrej L. Malchukov and Michela Cennamo (eds.), pp. 219–250 | Chapter
This paper contains a lexico-semantic analysis of Cognate Constructions (CCs), i.e. argument structure patterns in which the verb and its nominal complement are morphologically or semantically related, mainly based on Italian data. We identify three types of CCs which display… read more
Simone, Raffaele and Francesca Masini 2014 Introduction: New approaches to old Word Class issuesWord Classes: Nature, typology and representations, Simone, Raffaele and Francesca Masini (eds.), pp. 1–14 | Article
Simone, Raffaele and Francesca Masini 2014 On Light NounsWord Classes: Nature, typology and representations, Simone, Raffaele and Francesca Masini (eds.), pp. 51–74 | Article
This paper investigates the hypothesis that word classes are not homogeneous, but rather complex sets of entities with (partially) different properties that can be arranged along a scale. Whereas much work has been done on subclasses of verbs, and on scales of ‘verbiness’ (e.g., full-fledged verbs… read more