Heyou Zhang

List of John Benjamins publications for which Heyou Zhang plays a role.


Zhang, Heyou and Muji Wuni 2020 On the nature of AA question1 in Yi2 and related problemsAsian Languages and Linguistics 1:2, pp. 309–345 | Article
This paper aims to study a kind of interrogative in Yi which surfaces as an AA form commonly viewed as AA/Reduplicative Question. It explores the interrogative motivation, question type, generative mechanism and syntactic derivation of AA Question. We first assume that (i) AA question in Yi is a… read more
Much work has been done to explore the origin and functions of the Chinese “Shi…De” construction, but there are still some problems left unsolved. Firstly, there is no consensus on what a syntactic category the “Shi…De” construction belongs to. Second, no agreement has been reached with regard to… read more