Karim Menacere

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karim Menacere plays a role.


Amer, Walid M. and Karim Menacere 2013 The challenges of translating English compounds into Arabic: For better or for worseBabel 59:2, pp. 224–243 | Article
This paper examines the main challenges of translating English compounds into Arabic. Compounding is linguistically a common process across many languages where compounds are frequently formed. In English compounding is highly creative and innovative, and often used as a means of introducing new… read more
Orgeira Crespo, Raquel, Carmen Toledano Buendia, Zsuzsanna Ardo, Anne Barlovatz, Rajendra Singh and Karim Menacere 2001 Bibliographical and Lexicographical InformationBabel 47:1, pp. 83–96 | Miscellaneous
Menacere, Karim 1999 Linguistic Acrobatics: Translating a Web of Cultural ConnectionsBabel 45:4, pp. 345–354 | Article
Abstract This paper is a contribution to the debate about translation and culture. It is a discussion of culture-specific items in particular within the framework of film and TV-series titles. The argument put forward is that different cultural contexts represent different architectural… read more