Marta Arumi Ribas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marta Arumi Ribas plays a role.


This article reviews the design and methodology developed for compiling and analyzing corpora that can inform corpus-based studies involving public service interpreting discourses. The corpus was transcribed and annotated using the EXMARaLDA software tools designed for working with oral corpora.… read more | Article
Strategies have been far more widely researched in conference interpreting than in the interactional setting of public service interpreting (PSI), although studies of the latter by Wadensjö and other authors suggest a strategic rationale for certain types of rendition (especially non-renditions).… read more | Article
This paper presents a study of the redesign of metacognitive questionnaires carried out along a two-part German-Spanish translation course. The study focuses on post-translation questionnaires used by trainees to self-evaluate their translating, as a function of their strategic subcompetence.… read more | Article