Jamin Pelkey

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jamin Pelkey plays a role.



Pelkey, Jamin 2022 Tonal iconicity and narrative transformation: Transverse embodied chiasmus in Sylvia Plath and Dolly PartonIconicity in Cognition and across Semiotic Systems, Lenninger, Sara, Olga Fischer, Christina Ljungberg and Elżbieta Tabakowska (eds.), pp. 135–152
Building on recent research, this paper argues that left-right bilaterality and symmetrical reversibility play only a limited role in the embodied grounding of chiasmus and its cognitive and cultural affordances. Expanding such accounts to feature the bodily semiotics of vertical and transverse… read more | Chapter
Linkage models of language diversification (Ross 1988, François 2014) represent the slow differentiation of closely related sister languages via dialect continua. Such historical relationships are said to prevent the reconstruction of branchinternal phylogeny. A newly defined mode of linkage… read more | Article
One areal feature of East and Southeast Asian languages is the grammaticalization of an augmentative-diminutive pair from the nominals ‘mother’ and ‘child’, respectively (Matisoff 1992). Many Sino-Tibetan languages further grammaticalize noun-class affixes from these kinship nominals, adding a… read more | Article