J.P. Menting

List of John Benjamins publications for which J.P. Menting plays a role.


Menting, J.P. 1985 Vertalen In Het Vreemde-TaalonderwijsVertalen in theorie en praktijk, pp. 66–71 | Article
Just like "grammar", "translation" once was a very important topic of discussion in the field of language teaching. After tens of years of a monopoly position, the influence of translation in the language teaching field started to suside in the sixties, at least in the Netherlands, where it was… read more
This article aims at presenting a synopsis of what has been going on in the field of developing and updating the aims of foreign-language instruction in the Netherlands since the early 1960s. In six paragraphs it describes the framework of educational planning at different levels and the problems… read more
A short history is sketched of the selection of vocabulary in foreign language teaching. The author briefly touches on the position and function of Latin in classical times and the changes thereof in the Renaissance. Gradually, from the end of the Middle Ages French took over as an international… read more