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Work Organization and Europe as a Development Coalition

Richard Ennals and Bjørn Gustavsen

[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 7] 1999. viii, 209 pp.
Subjects Industrial & organizational studies


Ennals, Richard 2004 Regional workplace forums for the modernisation of workAction Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development, Fricke, Werner and Peter Totterdill (eds.), pp. 289–311
Ennals, Richard, Peter Totterdill and Campbell Ford 2004 The UK Work Organisation Network: A national coalition for working life and organisational competenceAction Research in Workplace Innovation and Regional Development, Fricke, Werner and Peter Totterdill (eds.), pp. 333–345
Richard Ennals reflects on experience of action research in organisations, and presents an agenda for the years ahead in working life research. He draws on experience of research and research management in artificial intelligence, work organisation and occupational health, and an international… read more | Article
Despite its early contributions to the development of working life research the UK has lagged behind much of the rest of Northern Europe in establishing a coherent approach to the modernization of work organization. The removal of tripartite structures by the Thatcher and Major governments and… read more | Article
The article presents a new European collaborative project, building on experience of regional development coalitions across Europe. Globalization is complemented by regionalization, and the emergence of new structures between the levels of individual enterprises and national governments.… read more | Article
Mazzonis, Danielle and Richard Ennals 1999 The Emilia-Romagna Model of Development CoalitionsConcepts and Transformation 4:1, pp. 57–68
The Italian region of Emilia-Romagna has often been presented as a case study of economic success through the development of structures to support collaboration between numerous small and medium sized enterprises. This article seeks to identify the distinguishing characteristics of the… read more | Article
Ennals, Richard 1998 Starting a New UniversityConcepts and Transformation 3:1/2, pp. 163–169
Ennals, Richard and Bjørn Gustavsen 1998 Work Organization and Europe as a Development CoalitionConcepts and Transformation 3:1/2, pp. 153–162