Chiron A.T. Oderkerk

List of John Benjamins publications for which Chiron A.T. Oderkerk plays a role.


Beier, Sofie, Chiron A.T. Oderkerk, Birte Bay and Michael Larsen. 2021. Increased letter spacing and greater letter width improve reading acuity in low vision readers. Information Design Journal 26:1, pp. 73–88
Low vision readers depend on magnification, but magnification reduces the amount of text that can be overviewed and hampers text navigation. In this study, we evaluate the effects that font variations letter spacing, letter width, and letter boldness have on low vision reading. We tested 20… read more | Article
Pedersen, Pia, Chiron A.T. Oderkerk and Sofie Beier. 2021. Simplification of pharmaceutical pictograms to improve visual acuity. Information Design Journal 26:3, pp. 175–192
The purpose of pharmaceutical pictograms is to help patients manage their medicinal treatment. However, the pictograms often lack perceptual clarity. While they are frequently tested for aspects such as comprehension, little attention has been paid to their legibility. This paper presents the… read more | Article