Ingrid Meyer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ingrid Meyer plays a role.


Terminology has both a linguistic and a conceptual dimension, and the general goal of our research is to develop a computer aid to facilitate the latter. Concept management is crucial to all stages of terminology work as it is practiced today and will become even more so for the next generation… read more
Marshman, Elizabeth, Tricia Morgan and Ingrid Meyer 2002 French patterns for expressing concept relationsTerminology 8:1, pp. 1–29 | Article
Researchers who are developing tools for extracting conceptual information automatically from corpora require inventories of linguistic patterns that can be incorporated into their toolsets. While several inventories of English patterns exist, almost none have been published for French. This paper… read more
Meyer, Ingrid 2001 Extracting knowledge-rich contexts for terminography: A conceptual and methodological frameworkRecent Advances in Computational Terminology, Bourigault, Didier, Christian Jacquemin and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 279–302 | Chapter
Knowledge-rich contexts express conceptual information for a term. Terminographers need such contexts to construct definitions, and to acquire domain knowledge. This paper summarizes what we have learned about extracting knowledge-rich contexts semi-automatically. First, we define the concept of a… read more
Meyer, Ingrid and K. Mackintosh 2000 When terms move into our everyday lives: An overview of de-terminologizationTerminology 6:1, pp. 111–138 | Article
Meyer, Ingrid, Karen Eck and Douglas Skuce 1997 1.4.2 Systematic Concept Analysis within a Knowledge-Based Approach to TerminologyHandbook of Terminology Management: Volume 1: Basic Aspects of Terminology Management, Wright, Sue Ellen and Gerhard Budin (comps.), pp. 98–118 | Article
Meyer, Ingrid, Victoria Zaluski and Kristen Mackintosh 1997 Metaphorical Internet terms: A conceptual and structural analysisTerminology 4:1, pp. 1–33 | Article
Although metaphors are often associated with literary language, they also play an important role in scientific and technical texts and hence in terminology work. In this paper, we explore the terminology of the Internet, a domain in which metaphors are particularly striking. We first examine… read more
Meyer, Ingrid and Kristen Mackintosh 1996 Refining the terminographer's concept-analysis methods: How can phraseology help?Terminology 3:1, pp. 1–26 | Article
Concept analysis is both the cornerstone and Achilles ' heel of terminography. This paper describes a linguistically oriented approach to concept analysis, in which terminological phrasemes are seen as potential indicators of conceptual meaning. We propose that phrasemes can assist the… read more
Meyer, Ingrid and Kristen Mackintosh 1996 The Corpus from a Terminographer's ViewpointInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 1:2, pp. 257–285 | Article
While the use of corpora is well-established in lexicography, it is still in its infancy in terminography. This paper argues that the importance of domain knowledge in terminography makes the terminographer a significantly different kind of corpus user than the lexicographer. We begin by… read more