Rolf Kreyer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rolf Kreyer plays a role.


Kreyer, Rolf 2021 Chapter 5. Collocations in learner English: A true-longitudinal perspectiveBeyond Concordance Lines: Corpora in language education, Pérez-Paredes, Pascual and Geraldine Mark (eds.), pp. 97–120
The present paper analyses the use of V-N collocations with the four ‘light’ verbs do, give, make and take in a corpus representing longitudinal written data from 83 German learners of English in their four final years of secondary school. The paper focuses on the development of correct and… read more | Chapter
On the basis of a longitudinal corpus of English produced by German intermediate learners, the present paper explores how noun phrase (NP) complexity develops in terms of global measures of complexity (length, number of modifiers per 1,000 words) in learner data on an intermediate level of… read more | Article
Kreyer, Rolf 2015 The Marburg Corpus of Intermediate Learner English (MILE)Learner Corpora in Language Testing and Assessment, Callies, Marcus and Sandra Götz (eds.), pp. 13–34
Over the last few decades, corpus linguistic research and methodology have had a huge impact on the foreign language classroom, mainly as reference tools but also by introducing new ways of (data-driven) learning into the classroom. A fairly recent trend is the use of corpus-linguistic methods for… read more | Article
Since the beginnings of modern popular music, listening to pop songs has been one of the major pastimes in Western countries, raising the question how popular music contributes to the shaping of beliefs and attitudes in general and gender roles and stereotypes in particular. While there is a… read more | Article
On the basis of 698 instances of Saxon genitive and of-construction, the present paper explores the use of these modifiers from a corpus-linguistic perspective. In particular, the influence of the lexical class of the modifier, the semantic relationship expressed by the constructions, and weight… read more | Article