Christophe Pereira

List of John Benjamins publications for which Christophe Pereira plays a role.


Caron, Bernard, Cécile Lux, Stefano Manfredi and Christophe Pereira. 2015. The intonation of topic and focus: Zaar (Nigeria), Tamasheq (Niger), Juba Arabic (South Sudan) and Tripoli Arabic (Libya). Corpus-based Studies of Lesser-described Languages: The CorpAfroAs corpus of spoken AfroAsiatic languages, Mettouchi, Amina, Martine Vanhove and Dominique Caubet (eds.), pp. 63–115
A follow-up of the CorpAfroAs project, this paper presents a typologically-oriented study of the intonation of Topic and Focus in four Afroasiatic languages (Zaar, Tamasheq, Juba Arabic and Tripoli Arabic), in relation to their phonological and information structures. The different prosodic systems… read more | Article