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It has long been observed that the modern European languages use more function words compared to earlier inflectional patterns, and this trend seems to have increased even further in creoles and other non-standard varieties. Here we make two arguments: First, we note that the terms synthetic and… read more | Chapter
Haspelmath, Martin and Susanne Maria Michaelis. 2008. Leipzig fourmille de typologues: Genitive objects in comparison. Case and Grammatical Relations: Studies in honor of Bernard Comrie, Corbett, Greville G. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 149–166
In this paper we examine genitive objects in some of the major European languages (French, Italian, Latin, German, English) and propose a semantic invariant for them: We claim that in the great majority of cases, the genitive object can be said to express a background theme, i.e., a participant… read more | Article
In this article, I argue that with respect to five valency patterns Seychelles Creole clearly mirrors Eastern Bantu substrate patterns. These findings are particularly interesting since the received view on French Indian Ocean creoles has been so far that there has been virtually no significant… read more | Article
Michaelis, Susanne Maria. 2000. The fate of subject pronouns: Evidence from creole and non-creole languages. Degrees of Restructuring in Creole Languages, Neumann-Holzschuh, Ingrid and Edgar W. Schneider (eds.), pp. 163 ff.