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(In)equity Issues in CLIL

Edited by Ana Llinares and Russell Cross

Special issue of AILA Review 35:2 (2022) vi, 190 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics

Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL

Edited by Ana Llinares and Tom Morton

[Language Learning & Language Teaching, 47] 2017. vi, 317 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Computational & corpus linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


This study is based on the comparison between two Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) contexts – in Madrid, Spain and in Hanoi, Vietnam – with a focus on teachers’ use of oral corrective feedback in classroom interaction at the primary school level. The model of corrective feedback… read more
Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, Julia Hüttner and Ana Llinares 2022 CLIL in the 21st Century: Retrospective and prospective challenges and opportunities10th Anniversary Celebration, Ó Duibhir, Pádraig and Laurent Cammarata (eds.), pp. 182–206 | Article
This article traces the historical phases in the conceptualisation of and research on Content-and-language-Integrated Learning in Europe since the 1990s. Following upon early programmatic statements, the first wave of CLIL research concentrated on language learning outcomes. In a second wave,… read more
Evnitskaya, Natalia and Ana Llinares 2022 (In)equity in CLIL programs? Classroom interaction and the development of higher order thinking skills across bilingual strands(In)equity Issues in CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Russell Cross (eds.), pp. 227–249 | Article
This study explores issues of potential (in)equity in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) programs in bilingual secondary schools in the Madrid region (Spain). Based on their general L2 proficiency, students in grades 7 to 10 are streamed into either High Exposure (HE) or Low… read more
Llinares, Ana and Russell Cross 2022 New challenges for CLIL research: Identifying (in)equity issues(In)equity Issues in CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Russell Cross (eds.), pp. 169–179 | Introduction
Recent studies on CLIL have revealed contradictory results regarding its role in enhancing equal opportunities and social inclusion. This special issue draws on the theme of the CLIL ReN symposium at AILA 2021, “CLIL Pedagogy and Greater Fairness, Equity, and Inclusion”, and the papers in this… read more
Llinares, Ana and Nashwa Nashaat-Sobhy 2021 What is an ecosystem? Defining science in primary school CLIL contextsResearch on EFL learning by young children in Spain, García Mayo, María del Pilar (ed.), pp. 337–362 | Article
In Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) contexts, students are expected to express disciplinary knowledge in a second/foreign language. One construct that has proven useful for the identification and realization of language functions in disciplinary knowledge is Dalton-Puffer’s (2013)… read more
Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton 2017 Speech function analysis to explore CLIL students’ spoken language for knowledge constructionApplied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 125–144 | Article
This chapter focuses on the register variable of tenor within systemic functional linguistics (SFL) to examine spoken interaction involving secondary CLIL history learners in two contexts: one-to-one interviews with a researcher, and role-plays with peers. Tenor refers to the role relationship… read more
Morton, Tom and Ana Llinares 2017 Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): Type of programme or pedagogical model?Applied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Article
Llinares, Ana 2013 Chapter 2. Systemic Functional approaches to second language acquisition in school settingsContemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition, García Mayo, María del Pilar, María Juncal Gutiérrez Mangado and María Martínez-Adrián (eds.), pp. 29–48 | Chapter
The Systemic-functional Linguistic model (SFL) (Halliday 2004), with its main focus on the explanation of language use in context, has been widely applied in educational settings around the world, both from research and pedagogical perspectives. However, the applications of SFL to foreign language… read more
Nikula, Tarja, Christiane Dalton-Puffer and Ana Llinares 2013 CLIL classroom discourse: Research from EuropeJournal of Immersion and Content-Based Language Education 1:1, pp. 70–100 | Article
Under the label of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) the teaching of curriculum subjects through the medium of a foreign language has become a widely accepted feature in mainstream education systems in Europe and other parts of the world. After contextualizing its subject matter in… read more
Llinares, Ana and Rachel Whittaker 2010 Writing and speaking in the history class: A comparative analysis of CLIL and first language contextsLanguage Use and Language Learning in CLIL Classrooms, Dalton-Puffer, Christiane, Tarja Nikula and Ute Smit (eds.), pp. 125–124 | Article
This paper presents a comparative analysis of the language used by CLIL secondary school students of history and that of students following the same syllabus in their first language (Spanish). The data consists of spoken and written production: a whole-class end-of-topic summary session and short… read more
The present article investigates the use of interrogatives made by teachers and the responses given by learners in two different (bilingual and non-bilingual) English language classroom contexts in two Spanish nursery schools. The analysis shows the relevance of the type of functions made by the… read more