Barbara Schlücker

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Contrastive Linguistics and other Approaches to Language Comparison

Edited by Matthias Hüning and Barbara Schlücker

Special issue of Languages in Contrast 12:1 (2012) v, 119 pp.
Subjects Comparative linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


The paper discusses how language contact and borrowing can be established as a critical factor of quantitative and/or qualitative changes of abstract grammatical patterns, in particular if languages are genetically and areally closely related and thus structurally similar. More specifically, it… read more | Article
Schlücker, Barbara. 2018. Genitives and proper name compounds in German. Germanic Genitives, Ackermann, Tanja, Horst J. Simon and Christian Zimmer (eds.), pp. 275–299
This paper deals with an issue related to the syntax-morphology interface, namely the comparison of proper name compounds and genitives in German. It has been claimed in the literature that proper name compounds have recently increased in use at the expense of the genitive. For this reason, proper… read more | Chapter