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Anthropology of Gesture

Edited by Heather Brookes and Olivier Le Guen

Special issue of Gesture 18:2/3 (2019) vi, 282 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Cognitive psychology | Communication Studies | Electronic/Multimedia Products | Gesture Studies | Signed languages


Brookes, Heather and Olivier Le Guen 2019 Gesture studies and anthropological perspectives: An introductionAnthropology of Gesture, Brookes, Heather and Olivier Le Guen (eds.), pp. 119–141
This contribution is the introduction for the special issue of Gesture entitled “Anthropology of Gesture”. As such, it raises two main questions: how do gestures contribute to the field of anthropology? And, inversely, how anthropology can improve our understanding of gesture and gestural… read more | Introduction
Ovendale, Alice, Heather Brookes, Jean-Marc Colletta and Zain Davis 2018 The role of gestural polysigns and gestural sequences in teaching mathematical concepts: The case of halvingGesture 17:1, pp. 128–157
In this paper, we examine the conceptual pedagogical value of representational gestures in the context of teaching halving to first graders. We use the concept of the ‘polysign’ as an analytical tool and introduce the notion of a ‘mathematics gesture sequence’ to assess the conceptual role gestures… read more | Article
In his work among Neapolitans, Kendon asks why a particular gesture profile should have come to exist. He suggests investigating communicative styles from historical and ecological perspectives to explain how different cultural patterns of communication develop and are sustained. This chapter… read more | Article
This paper describes the emergence of a quotable gesture for HIV/AIDS in South Africa. The gesture has its origin in the Zulu phrase amangama amathathu ‘the three letters’, an expression South Africans began to use from the mid-1990s to refer to the acronym HIV. This phrase generated a plethora of… read more | Article
Among urban black South Africans in the province of Gauteng, quotable gestures are a prominent feature of everyday communication. Most notable is a gesture commonly glossed as clever meaning ‘streetwise’ and ‘city slick.’ An analysis of the clever gesture in everyday communicative situations shows… read more | Article