Cilene Rodrigues

List of John Benjamins publications for which Cilene Rodrigues plays a role.


Rodrigues, Cilene 2010 Possessor raising through thematic positionsMovement Theory of Control, Hornstein, Norbert and Maria Polinsky (eds.), pp. 119–146 | Article
This chapter focuses on control into nominal domains. I analyze the consequences of loss of nominal agreement morphology for the case-licensing of null possessive pronouns in Brazilian Portuguese, arguing that its null inalienable possessors result from possessor raising to thematic positions (and… read more
Rodrigues, Cilene, Andrew Nevins and Luis Vicente 2009 Cleaving the interactions between sluicing and P-strandingRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2006: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’, Amsterdam, 7–9 December 2006, Torck, Danièle and W. Leo Wetzels (eds.), pp. 175–198 | Article
Merchant (2001) proposes that preposition stranding under sluicing is allowed only in those languages that also allow P-stranding in regular wh- questions. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (BP) seem to falsify this generalization, as both are non-Pstranding languages that allow P-stranding under… read more