Roy Andrew Miller

List of John Benjamins publications for which Roy Andrew Miller plays a role.


Subjects History of linguistics


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Miller, Roy Andrew 1985 Externalizing Internal Rules: Lyman's Law in Japanese and AltaicDiachronica 2:2, pp. 137–165 | Article
SUMMARY Old Japanese, the language of 8th-century texts, frequently displays voicing dissimilation of certain consonants in successive syllables, a phenomenon sometimes (but incorrectly) deemed to have been sporadic, but now understood to have operated according to a rigid pattern of regular… read more
Miller, Roy Andrew 1985 Hymonymy, heteroclysis, and history in the Japanese verbLinguistics and Philosophy: Festschrift for Rulon S. Wells, Makkai, Adam and Alan K. Melby (eds.), pp. 393–418 | Article
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