Michael Dimitrios Hadzantonis

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Identity and Communication in Asian Contexts

Edited by Asmah Haji Omar and Michael Dimitrios Hadzantonis

Special issue of Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 32:1 (2022) v, 191 pp.
Subjects Afro-Asiatic languages | Altaic languages | Communication Studies


Hadzantonis, Michael Dimitrios 2022 Malay, in the shadows: Anthropological reflections of Malay and the Wayang KulitIdentity and Communication in Asian Contexts, Haji Omar, Asmah and Michael Dimitrios Hadzantonis (eds.), pp. 52–82 | Article
Wayang Kulit performance, the art of shadow puppetry, has long embodied and conveyed political and secular voice throughout South and Southeast Asia, significant for the maintenance of cultural heritage. Throughout Malaysia’s modern history, Wayang as a dominant medium of education has mediated… read more
Motivated by social inclusion, lesbian and gay communities have long attempted to negotiate languages and connected discourses. Social ascriptions act to oppress these communities, thus grounding Cameron’s (1985) Feminism and Linguistic theory. This practice of language negotiation significantly… read more