Masahiko Minami

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This paper addresses issues related to narrative, cognition, and culture within the framework of foreign- or second-language (L2) narrative discourse, using a methodology of connecting the story- and language-related qualities of narrative discourse. The term “coherence” refers to whether or not… read more
There are many ways to tell a story, but whether a story is good or bad depends on whether or not the listener/reader can comprehend all that the speaker/writer wants to convey in his or her story. This study examines the characteristics of stories that native speakers of given languages consider… read more
Minami, Masahiko 2000 The Relationship between Narrative Identity and CultureNarrative Identity, Bamberg, Michael and Allyssa McCabe, pp. 75–80 | Miscellaneous
Frames are not only universal cognitive categories to explain the narrator's consciousness, they are also a socioculturally determined concept. Using verse/stanza analysis, which is widely accepted as an effective means of analyzing narrative structure, this study examines how narrative discourse… read more
Abstract This study presents empirical evidence o f Japanese preschool children's (a) narrative discourse competence and narrative structure and (b) rhetorical/expressive flexibility, compared to adults. With data on oral personal narratives told by Japanese preschoolers and adults, and with… read more
Minami, Masahiko 1991 Acts of MeaningJournal of Narrative and Life History 1:2/3, pp. 253–254 | Article